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Sichuan Mingtai Electronics Company Ltd. is put into production.
Release date:2012-04-01 Browse the number:2407

Mountek Electronics Technology Company was a dedicated professional company engaged in semiconductor assembly and test. First stage of production was established on August 2011 in the high-tech development zone in Suining, Sichun Province..
Mountek owns advanced equipments and technology which can offer large market demand DIP¡¢SOP package and also high-end TSOP & BGA package. It was already listed high-tech enterprise by Sichun government. After completion of the whole production line, it will reach an annual production capacity of 1.2 billion Ics and will be one of the largest assembly factories with advanced equipments and largest capacity in southwest China.
The management team is composed of experienced elites that come from China semiconductor industry. The “dream team” will help Mountek reach its goal of becoming a famous brand in both local and world semiconductor field.
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